People Smarts and Circles

People Smarts and Circles is a video curriculum that gives right and wrong scenarios in real life situations. After the videos are played, clients and staff discuss the different scenes and how to react to the various situations. Clients and staff also role play these scenarios to make sure all clients know how to handle uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situations. All
clients participate in this class.

This curriculum saved the life of one of our clients. She woke up in the middle of the night smelling smoke. During the People Smarts class she learned to dial 911. She immediately got out of bed and dialed 911 and then evacuated her home and waited outside for the fire department.

The repetitive nature of this curriculum saved her life.

Cook Days

For Cook Days, clients are given culinary group assignments pertaining to their abilities. Everyone votes on what will be cooked for lunch and that weeks’ cook group makes sure it is provided. With the help of staff, clients make a list of the items and ingredients needed for the meal chosen. The group goes to the grocery store to pick out the items on their list. The group then comes back to the workshop and begins to cook, set the tables and make the punch. Once the meal is over the cook group is responsible for cleaning up the kitchen.

Woman Helping Cook